Looking for that perfect baby shower gift? Well, you’ve found it. Ultimate Sheepskin offers the perfect solution for any mother-to-be.  An infant care lambskin rug.  It’s perfect for a WOW baby shower gift.

Sheepskin Infant Care Rugs – The Perfect Baby Shower Gift

  •     Cuddly soft and warm
  •     Naturally regulates temperature
  •     Recommended by Doctors as a healthy sleeping pad
  •     Helps baby feel contented and happy

This lambskin rug travels with baby; in the stroller, in the bassinet, on the changing table, in the playpen, in the child car seat, and more.
This genuine Australian lambskin will surround baby with the softness and a consistent temperature. It helps keep baby warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Naturally soft lambs wool provides its own warmth and never feels cold. Studies by Doctors at the University of Cambridge in England have confirmed that babies actually grow better and sleep ore soundly on genuine lambskins.

Natural wool resists bacteria and dust particles and disinfects itself naturally in fresh air. This lambskin is processed according to the international Wool Secretariat’s specification and is thus easy to care for – simply wash your lambskin in 85 degree water with a soap approved for woolens, then dry carefully in fresh air for a bacteria and odor free condition and “like new” appearance.

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