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FIBRE by AUSKIN Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers


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Keep your bottom cool in the hot sun and make your ride more comfortable!

Tons of colors to choose from! Available to stock on hand.
NEED A SWATCH? Order it here.

MSRP: $120.00

Add 15″ Strap w/ 2 clips (not sewn on)

You would need to find an upholsterer to sew on straps.


Auskin Premium Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers Single Pelt

Our luxurious premium lambskin pelts from Auskin can be easily used as motorcycle seat covers. Easy install, simply drape them over your motorcycle seat and place your bottom on top. Tuck or cut as needed. Premium quality Australian and New Zealand lambskins are carefully processed to preserve their natural beauty and tactile appeal. These sheepskin pelts can help make your long rides in the hot sun more comfortable and offer easy on and off installation.
2.5″ minimum wool length
Colors as listed
Size: 2′ x 3′


We carry this pelt in the following colors: Walnut discontinued. If you don’t see the color you’d like on our Website, please contact us.

Long Wool Sheepskin Colors

New Auskin Sheepskin Long Wool Colors

Sun Fade: Due to the nature of sheepskin, we cannot be responsible for normal color fade from exposure to sunlight.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 10 in

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3 reviews for FIBRE by AUSKIN Sheepskin Motorcycle Seat Covers

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    It was hard to choose just one! I got the Red Flame to match our Harley. But I think I might also get the Chili and just the black to change things up a bit. Awesome site!! I’m so glad I found you.

    • blank

      Vera Pascal

      I’m glad you found us too, Katy. We get new colors in all the time. But if you want a Chili, I would purchase soon, because our colors come and go so fast.

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    Robert Carn

    Easy on and off. Just sit on it and go. What more can I say? Does exactly what I wanted.

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      Vera Pascal

      I know, right? We live in Seattle where it rains a lot so it’s easy to use these when you have to gear up for the weather. Just pop them in your pack and no worries about them getting wet and sitting on a soggy seat.

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    The Baltic Blue color was perfect for our Ultra. Thanks for getting the swatch to us so quickly. And thanks for getting the pad to us so quickly. This made our trip more comfortable. You guys should be at Sturgis!

    • blank

      Vera Pascal

      I think we should be at Sturgis too. Maybe next year. I’m glad you were able to get it in time for your trip and that the swatches helped you decide on the color. I know that can be tough with computer screens to know exactly the color you’re getting. We are here to help you find exactly what you need! Thank you so much for your purchase!

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