Medical Sheepskin Recommended by Doctors

  • Easy to care for, medical sheepskins are a genuine product of nature
  • Promotes healthy and deep sleep
  • Activates circulation
  • Provides relief from rheumatism, nervous disorders, allergies, bedsores, poor circulation, neuralgia and more

Check out our many medical sheepskin pelts and pads for super comfort and medical applications.

Medical sheepskins are made from selected skins of the highest quality merino crossbreeds.  Special tanning assures as unsurpassed sheepskin with soft, smooth and perspiration proof leather. The one inch fleece is a soft, dense golden color that helps regulate body temperature, providing cool comfort in the summer and warmth in winter. This pure natural wool fleece stimulates circulation and promotes a healthy well being when used as a pad to sit or lie on. It actually helps to relax and regenerate the body.

Sheepskins are electrical semiconductors, whereas synthetic materials behave as non-conductors. This property allows a natural exchange of static buildup on the skin or clothes.

The properties of sheepskins used as pads in a medical environment are extremely important. In-patient comfort is often the determining factor to good and fast recovery. In addition, patients confined to bed may suffer from a variety of ailments caused solely by the confinement itself such as:

  1. Bedsores (decubitus)
  2. Tender pressure points
  3. Poor air circulation about the body
  4. Excessive perspiration
  5. Hip bone pressure
  6. Hemiparesis
  7. Partial paraplegia and tetraplegia
  8. Back ache
  9. Insomnia

All of these symptoms may be alleviated to some degree by using medical sheepskins as a nursing aid

Medical sheepskins are also an excellent investment in good sleep especially for active men and women who rely on a good nights sleep for proper recovery and relaxation. The sheepskin can be slept on directly or placed where needed under elbows, hips or other joints.

Anyone who has used a medical sheepskin can testify to this ability of pure new wool pile to act as a sleep inducer.

Medical sheepskins are easy to keep looking new – a simple shaking and hanging in air is usually sufficient as wool resists soiling and naturally cleans itself in fresh air. Medical sheepskins are also 100% machine washable with a good wool detergent using luke warm water. They should be dried after washing in the open away from direct heat or light.