We all know the drill; Summer time fun can be stifled by getting in to a hot car. Even something as simple as running errands in the summer can result in burned legs.  Parking in the shade isn’t always an option especially at the mall or beach.  And cracking a window does little to slow down the temp in your car. Did you know that the temperature in your car can climb up to 200 degrees depending on how long you leave it? The heat coming through the windows is absorbed by the interior and the glass acts as an insulator. This makes everything in your car a potential for burns especially the scorching leather seats and steering wheel. You and your family are at risk when getting in to a car that has been left in the hot summer sun.

Luckily Ultimate Sheepskin has the answer to hot burning car seats and scorching steering wheels. Sheepskin Seat Covers. Yes, wool in the summer is perfect to protect you and your family from the summer heat.  Ultimate offers sheepskin seat covers perfect to fit any vehicle whether you have a convertible sports car, SUV, truck or RV, Ultimate Sheepskin has the seat cover that’s right for your vehicle. The perfect fit and color to coordinate with your interior. Take a look at our full line of sheepskin products to help you beat the heat this summer and protect you and your family from heat related injuries.

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