Memory foam mattresses and mattress toppers are really popular right now and it’s no wonder. They offer pressure relief, support and no motion transfer. Moreover, memory foam mattresses are durable and last much longer than the average spring mattresses. So no more back aches and a mattress that keeps its’ value longer. Sounds good, right? But if you’re too hot to sleep, what good are all the benefits? Some memory foam customers go back to their original bed because the memory foam just makes it too uncomfortable to sleep.

The simplest solutions for cooling down your memory foam mattress or mattress topper is to place a wool mattress pad over it. The more dense the wool, the better it is. Look for a mattress pad which will help provide a barrier between the mattress and your sheets. Wool is super breathable. Adding a layer of wool can be helpful for several reasons. Wool mattress pads absorb moisture for maximum comfort. As an added bonus, wool is naturally mold and allergen resistant-making it a great choice for people with allergies.

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To beat the heat, we recommend our Premium Wool Mattress Cover with 86oz wool here. This will give you the best breathable barrier between you and your memory foam mattress or mattress topper.